Marine and Offshore

Zodiak II

(Remontowa, Poland) electrical, locksmith and welding works

Brittany Ferries 774

(Flensburg, Germany) electrical installation

Ferry BC

(Remontowa, Poland) electrical installation

Hanne Knutsen

(Remontowa, Poland) electrical installation

Offshore Platform FPF1

(Remontowa, Poland) electrical installation

Polferries MF Wawel

(Remontowa, Poland) electrical installation

Polferries MF Wawel

(Remontowa, Poland) electrical installation

Ferry Spirit of Vancouver Islands

(Remontowa, Poland) electrical installation

Cruise ship – Aida Nova

(Mayer Werft, Papenburg, Germany)

Jack – up vessel – Wind Server

Nordic Yards Wismar

Cruise ship- Aida Prima

Nagasaki Mitsubishi Shipyard 2


(Fjjelstrand, Norway) Norled full battery electric driven car ferry.

Criuse Ship Color Magic

Replacement of the fire protection systems (Munkebo, Denmark)

LPG Tanker – Happy Bee

Rebuild of electrical instalation ( Munkebo, Denmark)

Oil/ Chemical Tanker – Bow Spring

Rebuild of electrical instalation, and new cable trays ( Munkebo, Denmark)

Ireland Warship

Replacing all the decks made of exotic wood. Dismantling and installation ship deck made of exotic wood. And filling gaps with Sikaflex structure intended for ship decks. Scraping deck.

Arcadia Ship

Dismantling and installation of furniture in the cabins, bars, restaurants. Installation of wall and ceiling panels. Pretreatment of pools with exotic wood. Equipment instalation of sauna, spa, shops, bars, hairdressers.

Celebrity Eclipse Ship

Renovation of bathrooms, equipment installation of shops, bars, restaurants, theatre. Installations of walls with aluminium elements. Installations of automatic fire doors. Replacement of wall and ceiling panels. Ceiling installation with fiberglass and plaster elements.

Aurora Ship

Installation of manholes. Installation of wall and ceiling panel columns. Installation furniture in bars, restaurants and theatre. Installation of soundproof panels, stair railings and floating floors.

Oriana Ship

Formwork of wall panels. Installation of ceiling panels, corridor walls. Pretreatment of elevators. Installation of doors, floating floors and installation of bathroom equipment.

Aida Prima Ship

Installation of wall and ceiling panel columns. Installation of furniture in bars, restaurants and theater. Installations of soundproof slabs, walls of bars and bathrooms, fire- resistant insulation- draft stops.


BMW Manufacturing

(Greer, United States of America) electrical installation

BMW Group Plant Dingolfing

(Dingolfing, Germany) electrical installation

Volvo Factory

(Ghent, Belgium) electrical installation

Logistic Hall for DSV

(Taastrup, Denmark) electrical installation


(Reykjavik, Iceland) electrical installation

Industial Hall

(Hillerød, Denmark) CTS system

PostNord – post center

(Køge, Denmark) electrical installation

Petersminde Hallen-sport hall

(Vejle, Denmark) electrical installation


(Reykjavik, Iceland) electrical installation

Danfoss factory

(Silkeborg, Denmark) electrical installation

Vestas Manufactoring AS-Storehouse

(Hammel, Denmark) electrical installation

Tyre Trust-Tire Storehouse

(Køge, Denmark) electrical installation

JYSK -storehouse

(Uldum, Denmark) electrical innstallation

Cold Storehouse

(Køge, Denmark) electrical installation

Alfa Park

Gdansk Poland

“Słoneczna Morena”

Gdansk Poland

“Osiedle 4 Pory Roku”

Warsaw Poland

Danmark Fredericia

Korskaerparken Denmark

University of Warsaw

Department of biology and chemistry Poland

Albatros Towers

Gdansk Poland

Student House

Aalborg Denmark

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